Clear Windows™ Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner

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Are you struggling to clean both sides of your windows? Do you wish you could clean both sides of your windows at once, regardless of the weather or floor level? Now you can with the Clear Windows™ Hand Held Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner.

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Here's why you'll love it:

✨ Sparkling windows: Experience a cleaner home after no dirt or film left

😊 Convenience: Clean your windows with ease

☀️ Brighter days: Natural sunlight coming through your windows

📦 Shipped from the United States: Free and fast delivery

🎉 30-day risk-free trial: Not satisfied? Send it back for a full refund


Plus we offer a 30-day risk-free trial. Not satisfied? Simply return Clear Windows™ Hand Held Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner. for a full refund. We will do whatever it takes for your home to have your windows looking brand new.

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Package list:
1x Glass cleaner
2x Cleaning cotton
2x Cleaning strip
4x Buckle

The magnetic force allows you to maneuver it from the inside while it also cleans on the outside.

Yes! The triangle-shaped design is meant to get corners and soak up all the water with the built-in water storage sponge.

It’s suitable for double-glazed windows with 15-24mm thickness.

You will love the Double-Sided Window Cleaner because...

Streak free

Fast and easy

Cleans two sides at once


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