Our Mission

Give everyone an easy way to clean their windows

We started ClearWindows to make window cleaning easier. No need to hire anyone to come clean your windows when you can do it from the comfort of your house. No matter the weather or the difficulty, we've got you covered. We want the filth off your windows and more natural sunlight coming into your home so that you can have brighter days.

Here are reasons why you'll love ClearWindows

Made to make things easy

Our products are designed to make your days easier and brighter. Take the hassle out of streaky windows and relax while our product does it for you.

Sparkling Windows

Take the film and dirt off the windows all year round. No more having to search for window cleaners to come in your home and clean your windows when you can do it with ease!

Join over 100+ others and support our mission

Buy from ClearWindows today and experience clearer views and brighter days. All our products have a risk-free trial, so shop today!